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Samuel Laubscher

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Son of a British mother (ER Nurse) and an All-American father (Paramedic) who met passing off the injured to each other at a hospital in Los Angeles, California. His early years were spent in the perfect weather of Southern California before he moved out to Atlanta, Georgia.

Always holding an interest in photography and motion pictures, Samuel began religiously perusing the art of the photographic process when he was 15, working solely with 35mm film. 

Since 2010 he has been working freelance in narrative and commercial cinematography and portrait and documentary photography. He specializes in working with or mimicking natural light.

Most recently he has worked as the narrative cinematographer for The History Channel special Return to Roanoke: Search for the Seven, a series of spots for Amazon Echo featuring Pentatonix, and a music video for musician and actor Brad Carter (True Dectective, The Revenant).

He is experienced in modern digital cinema, 35mm, and 16mm motion cameras and a dual citizen of the US and UK.

Email: / Red Dragon package available upon request